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Heith - Laguna

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Total beauty of a record from Milan's Heith -

Three concise and meditative sensory profusions, electroid tribalisms that stretch out into infinity...
Served on 10" via Heith & Sense Fracture's Haunter Records imprint, this latest input from Heith sets a new milestone in his musical career.

Right from the beginning of proceedings, with the 7minute transcendental / ceremonial percussive abstraction 'Laguna' - it becomes clear that his recent trips to South-East Asia, along with his mature, wordly listening scape, and of course the countless hours spent crafting sonics with peers, have informed this latest record to great effect.
His new style is in effect not far away from the cerebral sounds of - for example - Borneo's Gamellan traditions, but his electronic approach adds the more intense sonic elements of city life and perhaps even the information of hallucinatory introspection into the overall sound... A wholly encapsulating experience for all the drifters and dreamers... Focused escapism at it's best.

With 'Tree Stand', the 2nd cut on the disc, we are invited to a collective brain re-wiring.... As the modulation twists & circles, our tangled synapses expose new colours and forgotten memories, augmented by a delirious, highly enjoyable insanity... This one is a serious trip into far-away zones...
Turn it up and let it take control - very special stuff.

Last up - along with Weightausend, Heith's collaborative Cage Suburbia counterpart - Maria awaits, in all her golden veneer, engulfed by the blinding white light that accentuates the drifting vapours as they shift shape into that beautiful blue void behind the endless red curtains.

One of the best records to come out of the impressive HR label - this is a really special disc, which, as you can tell by this elaborate write up, really does take you somewhere else.

Edition of 300 vinyl copies.
White card sleeve, printed centre label.
Artwork by Pietro Agostoni.
Mastered & cut at Dubplates & Mastering.


Tree Stand

Maria (ft. Weightausend)