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Heith - Mud


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Fresh in the post, from Milano via LDN -

this mind-bogglingly futuristic, yet organic EP from one of our favourites out of the Haunter Records / Macao corner -
Daniele Guerrini aka Heith!

Operating from a studio below Milan's Serendeepity record shop, in the basement heaped with aged, and modern drum machines, synthesizers and other electronics, boxed in between thousands of records Heith has been perfecting his craft for some years now, and as this particular release - entitled 'Mud' - coming via his new Saucers imprint in the form of a time capsule from the year 2195 (at least that's what we can make out from the included datachip) from a time when emotion and human reaction to physical constructs such as sound, can be altered, and integrated to the mainframe to desired effect, in the form of microchips and digestible data.

Seemingly operating in hiding, still locked away, underground, in the same basement below Serendeepity (now, in 2195, operating behind closed doors, laser-shutters down to keep the spotify fascist force out) still selling time frequency discs (some people still call it vinyl too, but these people are hard to find, mostly operating in sewer systems, hacking into lifeforce data from beneath buildings, below the global wi-fi network) Heith has found a way to channel this long-lost biological human emotion from our time via sound frequency, using what was once considered as high-technology but is now seen as mere prototype, to digitally reconstruct true human feelings and evoke memory the way it was known before Google hit the final button for global human-interconnectivity and worldwide human-data unison to be correlated with it's search engine information, a process in which unique memory and emotion was made a mere addition to the general data melting pot.

Triggering DNA-hacked synths, time-stretched and multi-pitched samples, extreme EQ and low-frequency disturbance, Heith has managed to tune these memories of emotion into an acutely melancholic symphony of those feelings we felt, around the 2020's or so, when half of our thinking was still an intangible, data-free process away from the network -
The outcome of this work, sent back via the subterranean pirate data tube and transferred to time disc (aka vinyl) here to our time, is now pressed up in edition of 300 copies, and will serve as a reminder, and a warning for the fragile emotional intersection between humans and ultra-connected humans, also known as cyborgs -

A postcard from the future, and a reminder of our past, if we can preserve this disc through times to come.


1: Eva
2: Extra Melma
3: Yoga Of Stealth
4: 4
5: Mud Queen


Yoga Of Stealth


Mud Queen