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Heith - Silence Will Expire

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Transfixing works from Haunter Records very own Daniele Guerrini -

The Milan-based DIY operation Haunter Records has been on our radars for some time now, in fact, a few of their excellent first run of cassettes were amongst the earlier bits of stock amongst our ranks.
A label that deals with unhinged soundsystem music in it's many forms and aims to manifest these recordings on the suitable format, HR had already pushed a heap of forward sounds via the cassette & CDR format, but it must've seemed like a bold step to make their first foray into the more expensive world of pressing vinyl, especially with an 'in-house' production, so to speak.
When listening to the tracks though, one should come to the quick agreement that this is a no-brainer on wax -
This music deserves the loudest and most dynamic format of them all -
Cavernous drones and hollow reverbs are answered by disturbed feedback, brittle swells of distortion and endless streams of sub-bass, culminating in a totally captivating six track movement in this self-described 'mini LP' from Heith. These frequencies must be felt, not just heard... Play this loud and watch the menace unfold.

An excellent mood-piece, Heith has managed to bind a series of tracks that switch in freeform between lighter moments and the searing grip of it's most ferocious peaks.
From the harrowing, yet strangely alluring title track 'Silence Will Expire' through to the unforgiving grip of those ripped & shredded snarls of bass on 'Directions For Falling' -
This LP moves like a ninja equipped for the nuclear age... Utterly deadly, no compromises.

This record came out a little while ago, and it's sold out in most places -
We first heard it some time ago when the guys passed us a copy of this LP on a visit to their HQ in Milan, the Macao centre.
After listening to it once more in order to write these words, we can safely say this disc has stood the test of the time, and we are very sorry to have only just added this to our site.
But as we say - this is still as valid as it was when the record first got cut -
Utterly essential / underground tip from us.

Last few copies,
comes with insert.
Clips won't do it justice, listen in full.

1. Silence Will Expire
2.Haunting Pitch
3.Swallow Hard And Speak Softly
4.Exhale The Shiver
5.Directions For Falling
6.The Endless What

Silence Will Expire

Swallow Hard And Speak Softly

Exhale The Shiver

The Endless What