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Heith & Weightausend - Stone Lizard


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Cantankerous dancehall / grime / cyberpunk abstractions from Milan's very-own Heith & Weightausend, served up on Heith's 'SAUCERS' imprint -

If you've been keeping an eye on this site then you'll know that we've been fans of the Haunter Records crew for some years now, and Heith is a key member of this operation - both behind the scenes and as a contributor of some of the finest titles on the label.
More recently he's come forward with this low-key label operation entitled 'Saucers' - the first 12" 'Mud' was a total headspin - we've restocked that now too btw! - and this one, featuring long-time sparring partner and madly skilled audio-manipulator 'Weightausend' is making our brain twist in new ways once again.
From the stuttery pitch-shifting bounce of 'Mower' to the techy, cold chill-down-the-spine of 'The Pole Wax', through to the unstoppable step of 'Model Of Apathy', the B3, this is truly forward thinking, experimental, futuristic gear...

...And we haven't even mentioned the B Side yet.
The perfect counterpart to the A side's manic movements, things take a more melancholic twist on the B side, as Heith & Weightausend stretch footwork harmonics and emotive ambience into infinity and offload the concoctions into a bit-reduced echo chamber - proper hacker's delight.

Proper next-generation stuff, but not just next-gen for the sake of it - this is real music made by real people - listen up.


A1 Mower
A2 The Pole Wax
A3 Model Of Apathy
B1 Pantaibira
B2 Stone Circle


Model Of Apathy


Stone Circle