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Henry & Louis ft. Johnny Clarke - Love & Understanding

ZamZam Sounds

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A welcome return from 2kings on ZamZam Sounds! -

We'll always remember the impression that the first disc on ZamZam made with us, being presented with the storming roots of 'Every Time' and it's dub -
still a favourite in RwdFwd HQ, and a much treasured collectors item by now.

40 discs deep, and the ZamZam catalogue has presented us with an array of sounds from the vast spectrum of dub music, and it seems like the natural thing for the label to return to it's 'second spiritual home' Bristol, for more unearthing of classic dubplate material from the legendary Henry & Louis.
Initially released in 'heavily edited' version, on the ZamZam pre-cursor of the 90's 'BSI Records' and then later on Jack Lundie and Andy Scholes' 2kings imprint, the vocal was recorded on a visit to Jamaica in 1996, with Johnny Clarke.
However, this full vocal cut and the stripped back version never made it past the acetate stage, until now.

Coming from around the same time as 'Every Time', 'Love & Understanding' hits a similar current of 90's style UK soundsystem music to ZamZam01, in terms of it's heavily bass-centric rhythm, sparse delivery and it's roots-indebted steppers feel.
Johnny's vocal sits effortlessly in the mix, giving the rough bedrock of rhythm and sparse melody all the playroom it needs to shake down the foundations.

A special mention has to go out to that incredibly raw, stripped back dub version, this is the kind of dub that stands apart from the rest.
Militantly dubwise, whilst maintaining a subtle stance with the careful dubbing of Johnny's voice and occasional glimpses of thr original cutting through the foundations -
Absolute killer!

Limited to 900, vinyl-only.
Served in screenprinted card sleeve, designed and printed by Polygon Press.

Love & Understanding

Love & Understanding Dub