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Henry, Louis & Smithy (Rob Smith) - How Can A Man?

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Original Press Henry & Louis w/ Rob Smith ! -

Original school stuff right here... Rootical steppers, in Bristolian style and fashion with Rob Smith in the early days here in combination with Andy Scholes and Jack Lundie aka Henry & Louis...

Four cuts, two tracks per side...

Wicked arrangement and production, it is a joy to listen back to these and hear the traces of RSD and the Henry & Louis sound from back in the day.

We're glad to have stumbled across some fresh, untouched copies of the original press (reissue not available).
This is essential gear for all lovers of the Bristol Sound from day -

Both sides are absolutely wicked pieces of steppers in their own right, both followed by top-draw dubwise cuts to make this one ready for soundsystem use from the time the needle drops.

Side A produced by Rob Smith at 3 stripe studios, Side B produced by Henry & Louis at 2 Kings Studios.

Soundsystem massive, Bristol massive - Listen up!

Henry, Louis & Smithy - How Can A Man?


Henry & Louis - Love & Understanding