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Hey Ø Hansen - Sno Dub

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Sheer madness from the Fett Distro corner -

Bonkers slurred and slowed digital dub excursions from the deepest depths of Austria, Hey Ø Hansen at the controls.

If you liked the slower cuts on the Tempo Explosion release on Honest Jons some years back, and if you dig the dankest most bruk-up riddims from the Jahtari Crew, if you're a fan of the Swedish Kings Chamber crew and their off-kilter dub, if you're keen on the skewed and flurried dub approach of Bokeh Versions, if you can dig the dub chop of SeekersInternational, or if you're simply a fiend for finding classic digital dancehall riddim incarnations -
Apply within.

Some of you may recognise the name from that Shed remix 12" on the  WAX series, others will not have a clue what the f*ck is going on here... Well, let's just say this is digital dub for those who like it lean, wonky and with a good splash of fun, nothing too serious here, although some of these low-end rumbles and spring reverb splashes do sound pretty fierce at wrongspeed... Proper headfvck dub obscurities right here.

You can go mad with the pitch fader on this one, sounds good at 33rpm, 45rpm, -8, +8... Do your thing!

A1. You
A2. Get
A3. Cold
B1. If
B2. You
B3. Don't
B4. Dance

You (played at 45rpm) / You (played at 33rpm)

Cold (played at 45rpm) / Cold (played at -8) / Cold (played at 33rpm, -8)

You (played at 45rpm) / You (played at 33rpm, -8)

Dance (played at 45rpm / Dance (played at 33rpm +4)