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HHY & The Macumbas - Camouflage Vector: Edits From Live Actions 2017-2019

Nyege Nyege Tapes

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HHY & The Macumbas on NNT with a thriller of a live tape -

We've been fans of this mysterious, multi-headed project from the cryptic SOOPA collective from Porto for a little while now (admittedly nowhere long enough though!) ever since our friend Adam from the Schwet krew pointed them out to us. He knows our taste.
Their 2018 tape 'Beheaded Totem' on House Of Mythology showed an utterly earthed and grounded approach to electronics, polyrhythm & dub technique, even mixing the energy of New Orlean's marching bands into the midst of their newly forged, all encompassing drum-sound.

The tape wows with a deadly harmony between live instrumentation and electronics, a mix of free-spirited musicianship and inventive production & recording technique - Jonathan Uliel Saldanha with the mixing desk, and a hell of a lot of ear for detail, providing the central mind for the final sonic craft.
The outcome is a dense layer of unhinged percussion, wind instruments and effectively human, sonic interaction fired through the circuits of plate reverbs and tape delays, and left to crash over foundations of bass, like the ocean vs the rocks.

We never got the chance to see them live, which we're still gutted about to this day, so it was a very welcome sight to hear about this compilation of crucial live moments from HHY & The Macumbas travels in recent years, now coming out on Nyege Nyege Tapes.

This cassette collates a series of live actions in various places between 2017-2019, around the time of the aforementioned 'Beheaded Totem' release, and featuring live version excursions of similar sonic themes, with the added energy of that spacial feeling that a well mic'd up live recording can give you.

The recordings range from home turf in Portugal, to places such as 'an oil tank in Tenerife' (yep, can confirm this is true, we've been there), and also in tow with On:U sound originator and veteran dub / post-punk / industrial navigator Adrian Sherwood, in an open air setting taking additional control of the board on (the killer!) first and second excerpts of this tape.

The tape moves with a constant heartbeat, clattering rhythms dance with chest pounding percussion and echo chamber sonics morph with near subliminal discordancies and harmonic reverberations, like a thick, dense cloud of smoke around the drums and the bass -
a real whirlwind throughout, proper 'full of life', never easing up on their unique take on polyrhythmic, dubbed out voodoo.

...Highest recommendations for you to take that ride.

Edition of 150.
With four panel silkscreened J-Card.

1.Gysin Version feat Adrian Sherwood
2.Orfeu Version feat Adrian Sherwood
3.Barbaron Version
4.Wilderness Of Glass Version
5.Horror Vector

Wilderness Of Glass Version

Gysin Version feat Adrian Sherwood

Horror Vector

Barbaron Version