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Hi5Ghost - Nook Shot / Commodo Remix

Sector 7 Sounds

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<< Much needed 2018 repress of this banger! >> Following two sell-out releases, Sector7Sounds returns with a brand new 12” disc -

Backed up with a Commodo remix, it's Bristol grime hotshot Hi5Ghost's turn to make his mark on the label, following a string of releases on Bandulu, as well as his own Paper Cranes imprint.
'Nook Shot' is heads-down / gunfingers in the air grime at it's most effective, testing the original palette – detuned squarewave Triton Bass and sino-esque chimes - over a guttural bassline along with drum rolls that come like a shotgun to the head...

Over the last year or so 'Nook Shot' has been put to the test and passed with ease, with exclusive dubplate deployment from Boofy, Kahn, Neek, and many more of the big players in the grime game at various sessions, putting this one high in the ranks of 'dubplate-anthem' status.

On remix duties, the big, bad Commodo flips it all on it's head, turning the temperature to below 0C, letting isolated elements of the original work without interruption. The result is a highly-unique cut of the original, ready to twist some minds all whilst serving the purpose of soundsystem obliteration to crushing effect.

One side printed centre label (And a good one too! featuring yung hi5 and his paraphernalia) one side hand-stamped.


Hi5 Ghost - Nook Shot

Nook Shot (Commodo Remix)