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Hidden Operator - Higher Than The Mountain

Kings Chamber

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Odd-dub from the Swedish dubwise massive -

King Chamber step in the ring with this off-kilter dub number from the Hidden Operator.
A Side up, we have the 'vocal version' , although it's more version than vocal, with the snippets of - a perhaps scandinavian? - voice already dubbed into feedback oblivion, cranking up from below the bassline belt every now and then, seemingly tainting the listener into the underbelly of this digital dub stream of consciousness, full of squelchy synth stabs and overdriven rhythm section.

Things get really great on the extra dubwise cut, topside down (the B-Side)...
On 'Arctic Haiti Version' the vocal floats off into the cold sea of dub, and a misty, fogged out melody shimmers it's way through the darkest currents of the dub spectrum, in full night-time mystery mode.

Wicked stuff, well worth it, even for the B-side alone!

Higher Than The Mountain

Higher Than The Mountain (Arctic Haiti Version)