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Hidden Operator - Horns Of The Phantom

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The Hidden Operator is at it again -

Brand new chapter in the Kings Chamber series from Swedish digital dancehall excursionists, from the label-head himself.

Served on this fine 10" disc, we have ruffcut digi-dub drum machine jams, blown-out of proportion bass & riddims, chunkier than your favourite chunky fries and more loaded than your local bank (if your bank was holding sub-bass, that is).

Horns Of The Phantom lays bruising drum & bass foundations under a vital hornsline, mixing the heavy sink of the rhythm with the airy charge of the horns, proper summertime reggae music for those who like it to be served a little bit more off-kilter.

On 'Boom (For Real)' we enter the Arcade hall, dancehall style - with signature Hidden Operator vocal snips and a bit of a bashment vibe amongst the chip tune madness, not far off Tapes' killer tune that he did on his Selah Wadadda imprint a few years ago, with Vernon Maytone.

Closing this four track 10", is the excellent 'Cloudy Dub' - spreading a singular chop over a deliciously distorted bassline that rolls out in it's own pace, answering the synth melody in timely manner.
The whole thing feels spacious and well devised, this one is perhaps our favourite of them all.

All of those in search for the outer realms of reggae music - this one is for you!

Horns Of The Phantom

Horns Of The Phantom (Version)

Boom (For Real)

Cloudy Dub