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Hidden Operator - So Fly / Tapes Remix

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So Fly!

We first heard the Tapes remix, in the disused Police Cells in Bristol at a Young Echo session, Tapes running it straight from the cassette deck. It was a standout tune from a night filled with musical treats, amongst the new age punk of 'asda' and the classic dubplate selection from Mala, the utterly sweet arpeggios working their magic over the drum machine and bassline really took control of the crowd in a very understated, but highly infectious way.
Kings Chamber bossman Hidden Operator is the name behind the original version, bumpin casiotone bassline and riddim with a sweet touch of famous vocal, on more of a ruffnek tip.
This 7" disc is complete with the O.G 'So Fly' and the remix 'So High' on the flip.

Absolute top disc, don't be shy.

Hidden Operator - So Fly

So High (Tapes Remix)