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Fresh import from PDX! -

Over the last year or two, the mixtapes that we have received from the pdxindub HQ in Portland have given us a steady supply of extraordinarily good mixtape material to get us through the day, with good selections presented on the number one format for such a thing - the one-and-only cassette tape.

Now it's time for the next chapter -
We are delighted to present the first tape of original material, on the newly named sister label: Pdxindubting!.

40mins of original dub rhythms, on high-bias cassette... Produced by one of our favourite purveyors of fresh & old-school, someone who will happily use a reel-to-reel to melt his recordings into the realms of the analogue world, a producer who will splice up an old Sly & Robbie rhythm and layer it with a spaced out, Jackie Mittoo style synthline or vocoder in order to create something that sits between foundation and creation, something that frequents it's own sphere, yet carries the roots of dub and reggae as we love it.

Hieronymus, who has released on ZamZam Sounds amongst his bredrin 'Xoki', is the name behind this 40min journey through heavily dubbed instrumental reggae, consisting entirely of original productions.

Spanning 10 tracks, it's a journey through the outer reaches of dub, through space in full cruise control.

A lovely piece of tape, load it up and let it ride!

Edition of 100.
Includes DL Code.
High-bias Cobalt cassette.
Printed inlay and labels.
Designed by Hieronymus, layout by Honeybones.

1:  Purple Jungle
2:  Spaghetti Western
3:  Popeye
4:  Escalator
5:  Juniper Tea
6:  Rooster
7:  Goldcoast
8:  Crickets
9:  Softice
10:Dub Barrel

Clips - Side A

Clips - Side B