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Hodge - Body Drive EP


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After a steady emission of ‘floor material from Hodge on Berceuse Heroique, Livity Sound and Hotline Recordings, we are proud to present a three track 12” containing a prime choice of Hodge’s more esoteric cuts.

"Body Drive on the A Side comes off with a cyberpunk techno edge, not far from the Lily material on our label, but we couldn’t leave this to reside on cassette, we witnessed Body Drive as a standout from his set at Freerotation last year, and decided that it’s destiny is surely to be fulfilled on big speakers in a dancefloor setting.

With ‘A Break In The Building’ we found a perfect suit with which to finalise the run of the A side, as an off-centre gravitation towards a deeper, wholly rewarding side to his productions.

The final cut on this disc - and by no means just a B Side - is ’Personality Shift’.

It packs that trademark groove that Pev, Hodge and perhaps even Don’t DJ have been pushing, but it manages to leave out obvious kick drum patterns and it lets the polyrhythmic arpeggios shape the momentum, exercising a masterful kind of restraint which works wonders in the mix, and makes for great listening on your hifi."

Another fine, fine addition to the ever-growing, always glowing eclecticism of the NoCorner catalogue!

Limited Edition of 300.
Artwork by Max Kelan Pearce & Studio Tape-Echo.

*Each sleeve comes with unique photo print design and stamp on the cover, making each sleeve different from the next.

**Each Re-stock comes with a larger-scale photo than the original lot.

Hodge - Body Drive

Hodge - A Break In The Building

Hodge - Personality Shift