• Hodge - Holographic Prose EP

Hodge - Holographic Prose EP

Well Rounded Housing Project

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Word on the street tells us that this EP has been years in the making, going through several changes and shifts on the road to perfection... And we believe it was worth the wait.

Apart from his work as a part of Outboxx, labels such as Deadplate, Immerse and Punch Drunk have done a great job to showcase his skills and diversity as solo producer so far, but there is far more lurking in the depths of his hard drive. This EP gives us a good glimpse into his current sound...

With the RwdFwd HQ being located in the same block as the Hodge / Outboxx Studio, we're lucky enough to get frequent sonic updates and insights from this ever-creative producer.
For someone with as many ideas as him it's no wonder the EP took a while to complete, the pressing plant and Well Rounded A&R simply couldn't keep up with his pace of change...
He's constantly evolving his sound and pushing through new ideas, accumulating studio gear, whether it's dusty effects pedals, D.I.Y. drum machines, stage-worthy Korg synthesizers or Nord piano's... there's always something new going on in the studio.

The Holographic Prose EP changes shape and colour as it goes through it's paces, chameleon-esque frequency shifts are the order of the day and we feel this is a brilliantly accomplished four tracker -
Each track holds it's own on the dancefloor - but this is also proper headphone music and a greatly coherent musical journey from start to finish.

From the nervous arpeggios and carefully deconstructed drum track of  'Holographic Prose' to the delicately detuned chimes and unforgiving low-end rumbles of  'Pressure' on Side 1 - all the way to the nocturnal, sci-fi inspired haze of 'Monster' and the melodic-depths of 'Slowing Behaviour' - the sonic ranges within these four tracks make it hard to pin the whole thing down to just one genre....
We can simply say - just listen for yourself.


Holographic Prose



Slowing Behaviour