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Hodge - No Single Thing EP

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Man like Hodge on the buttons, storming the floor with Bristolian techno cuts for Livity Sound -

The ever-energetic Dj Hodge proves here once more that he has the ability to pull out an infectious dancefloor anthem, seemingly at will.

Light Waves stands out as the most upfront banger on the 12", niftily exchanging industrial-strength warehouse rave melodies with a shimmering synthline reminiscent of the kind of frequencies he was pushing on his NoCorner 12" effort.
'No Single Thing' and 'Joe Likes To Dance' (maybe Hodge's best title yet) go a little bit more twisted with their melodic approach, keeping focus on excellently harnessed waves of equally bruk-up and rolling percussion... Tried and tested dancefloor burners in UK techno style, with that signature Hodge flavour.

The combining thread between these cuts is no doubt, the ever-pulsating rhythm and bassline, arranged and designed with the club in mind, which makes these a real treat in the mix.

Anthem alert.

No Single Thing

Light Waves

Joe Likes To Dance