• Hodge - Sub 100 / Where I Wanna Be
  • Hodge - Sub 100 / Where I Wanna Be

Hodge - Sub 100 / Where I Wanna Be

Two Moons

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Hodge presents his 'Two Moons' label with two big bangers.
One straight up piece of 'floor heat, and a lush deeper trip on the flip.

On the A side, we have Sub 100, a hotly tipped and much in demand dancefloor burner with a madly twisted vocal chop, plus a mighty, mighty boom-bass in there for extra measure, and a UKF style rhythm with a tougher techno edge in the mix. This one's good fun, as a club track arguably should be, but it also slaps! For what it's worth, this one has been causing a stir in clubs in recent time, and getting some big play from DJ's out there too 

Flipside, Hodge showcases his deeper, scuzzier, trippier side, hinting at the sound of certain records via Berceuse Heroique, and his Body Drive 12" for NoCorner. Somewhere between house, techno and with enough introspective qualities to have you hooked right until the end. This one is exactly what a B side should be - the one for the more discerning heads, or at least the one you can come back to once you've rinsed the A side fully.

Big 12", and we're not just saying that because we helped get this one pressed up! 

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Sub 100


Where I Want To Be