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Hodge - X / Acre - Don't Get Me Started


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Killer second release on Bristol-based 'Wisdom Teeth' -

Next up on the new imprint, Facta & K-lone bring us certified soundsystem material from Hodge and Acre.

'X' inhabits the grooves of the A-Side of this 12", giving us one of Hodge's ruffest productions to date - half-steppin' UK styles, with an explosive set of snares and a razor-sharp, deadly hi-hat shuffle cutting straight through a bitcrushed bassline and echoe'd bleeps and chords... Set to go off in the dance like an untested pack of chinese fireworks, sparks flying across the room, with all sorts of shapes appearing on the floor.

Alongside, we find Acre's 'Don't Get Me Started' - laying down some '08 zomby-style UK Funky-esque broken beats for the late-night cru.
Proper smoked out dancefloor material with a wicked amount of groove... Those occasional gasps of white noise add to the oddness of it all, it's a proper head-turner of a tune.

Cop dat.

Hodge - X

Acre - Don't Get Me Started