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Hollowfonts - Primitive Masonry

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Micheal J Oneal steps up with an excellent follow up to his XLVIII release on Phinery -

Directly imported from source, in the USA -
Loaded up in the tape-reels, we find an expertly crafted culmination of uncompromising sonics, immediately casting a dark shadow and a misty ambience of fog and smoke in the room.
Hollowfonts shows a strong sense for sound and mood, 'Primitive Masonry' is full of intricacies and detail.
From the frantic, dislodged beginnings through to the descent into the depths, there is a constant movement and imminent feeling of collapse throughout the listening experience, leaving a heavy, almost suffocating ambience that trails over pulsating rhythms... Like a stressed heartbeat that is about to be subdued by the forces.

It's very much about the sensory experience with the ears and mind on high alert, it's an intense listen, at times challenging, but this was never designed to be easy-listening - and the descent from the flurry of shattered rhythms and overcast harmonies that take dominance throughout most of the tape, into something almost serene, is a very rewarding one... It all makes sense when listened from start to finish - certainly a piece that should be listened to in it's entirety.

Superb stuff.

Limited to 100 copies.
Includes free DL.

1. Hushmoney
2. Primitive Masonry
3. Men of The Collapse
4. Red Curling Mist
5. Hushmoney (drained)
6. Dominator

Clip 1

Clip 2