• Holy Tongue - Deliverance & Spiritual Warfare

Holy Tongue - Deliverance & Spiritual Warfare


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Holy Tongue come forward with a beautifully crafted debut album of outer-dubwise and post-punk meditations, weaving through tangled rhythms and rolling bassline with brain warping dub effects and melodic reverberation, across 10 rhythm-charged tracks.

Valentina Mageletti on drums, Al Wootton on buttons and sliders, alongside Susumu Mukai and guest players Abraham Parker and David Wootton >>

Channeling On:U ina zonked post-post punk style, fully focused on exploring the depths of dub technique and taking time to venture deep into meditative rhythmic passages and warped echo chamber atmospherics, Holy Tongue have built an immersive world, stripped back, yet constantly in shift and morphing by way of dub mixing desk technique.

The rhythm section feeds into effects loops in conversation with percussive melodics and twisted sirens, growling bass and hallucinogenic, muted melodies. Dispersed with interjections of piano chords, chimes, horns, synthesis and dynamic atmospherics, Deliverance & Spiritual Warfare forges paths for our mind to expand, guided by an array of percussive elements that sway and swing, and swirl, and slam - stealthy, yet constantly imminent. 

Highly involving, heavy-on-the-vibes stuff. This record will re-tune your synapses to skeletal, twisted dub style.


Threshing Floor

Under A Veil, Under A Garment


Kaneh Bosem

Where The Wood Is The Water Is Not


A New God Before Us

Our Tongue Is Furred With The Slime Of Creatures

I Am Here In A Place Beyond Desire & Fear