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Excellent dubwise / post-punk //// 23Skidoo / Mouth / Maximum Joy / On-U style vibrations from Holy Tongue -

aka percussionist Valentina Magaletti & Al Wootton -

"Holy Tongue is a collaboration between percussionist Valentina Magaletti, best known for her work with Vanishing Twin, Tomaga, UUUU, Raime, Nicolas Jaar and Jandek among many others, and producer Al Wootton (TRULE Records, FKA Deadboy).

This first EP is a product of an improvised session in East London. Heavily influenced by dub reggae, the two bring a mutual appreciation for the experimental dub of On-U-Sound, Muslimgauze, and post-punk bands such as Liquid Liquid and 23 Skidoo to the forefront of the sound.

The result is an EP of psychedelic, free-form, high energy, spiritual dub-dance music.
Amidah Records is an offshoot of TRULE Records, specialising in more experimental sounds."

Yep, you heard!
Post-punk-dub vibrations straight from the echo chamber, sounding really rather crisp on the stereo - nailing that typical 80's crossover of British and Jamaican styles - a great blend of mixing desk technique and live instrumentation.

Pretty lush, this one.