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Homemade Weapons & Red Army - Coliseum Ep

Homemade Weapons

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Homemade weapons on some chestplate business here, with Red Army on bringing up the rear. It's been a little while since their last outing on Samurai and this is the second release on their own label, stripped back and minimal - crystal clear vinyl as well.

As deep and techy as it gets - an unstoppable set of rollers if ever there was one. You almost needn't go further than opener Coliseum - a bluster of hand drums and resonant wood hit against classic dissonant atmospherics.

Osedax opens the B in a similar vein to the A; ruthlessly minimal but this time pushing a throbbing bass pulse into the mix - again, maximum impact of the individual parts is the order of the day. The fat's been trimmed, the excess cut down to size.

Final track Warpaint brings the tribal rhythms and tom-heavy drum breaks for a chaotic brock-out made for the peak time.