• Honour HBK Vol 1 - Na God

Honour HBK Vol 1 - Na God

All The Rest Have Died

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'Who might Honour actually be? Clues are laid out like a breadcrumb trail on their labyrinthine inaugural dispatch, initiating a bleakly cinematic narrative that’s punctuated by dub FX and obstreperous samples that lay out a life well lived. Honour infuse each gesture with screwy, confident storytelling unfurling ideas, feelings, rage - creative energies - into something abstract and yet completely focused.

We open on a haze of pistol clacks, electric piano stabs, 12-bit boom bap, and submerged, barely-audible chatter. It's a space that feels familiar but defiantly current: Honour have a command of the past, serving dream dust that's mined from tweaky '90s R&B, jiggy rap, DIY culture, punk and the bits of the rave continuum that haven't been completely rinsed by Goldsmiths interlopers, but here muffled under thick blankets of half-heard vocals and abstract noise. Beats are slowed to a Houston crawl, spliced with dizzy loops; soul and disco cuts are forced thru ferric saturations and weaved into nice 'n sleazy chipmunked day-zero garage; trip-hop is reformed into baroque, cavernous neo-trap, driving us into darker, more politicised ends. 

And that's just the first side. On the flip, Honour treats us to a recording of a US preacher improvising over jittery jazz drums. "I didn't come here to say I just came to church, I came here to be the church,". Those words stick in the mind like gorilla glue, radically reframing the first side's cultural tapestry as something far more nuanced and sacred.'



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