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Hopeton Lindo - African Choice / False Sentence

Iroko Records

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Wicked set of tracks from the man Lindo -

Fresh reissue on Iroko, cut on a loud and crisp 12" disc we have two extended versions of Hopeton Lindo from the early 80's, alongside production partner Gussie Clarke at the controls.

According to the information from reggae enthusiast David Katz, Hopeton Lindo was known by many in the business as 'The Pen' for having written so many hit songs behind the scenes (including Shabba's 'Mr Loverman' for example).
He has also voiced crucial cuts alongside the late Mikey Dread (Black History / His Imperial Majesty) and later on impressed on killer digi cuts when the casiotone came into play.

The lovers themed, black identity pushing 'African Choice' is an excellent example of his skill as a micman and songwriter, coming 100% correct on this tough roots track, bringing together the best of the later sounds of the 1970's and it's progression into early dancehall.
If that wasn't enough, we are graced with a nicely obscure extended dubwise, coming in from about half way and giving us some fluid bursts of harmonica, guitar and voice from the vaults.

False Sentence on the other side, tells a story of unjustified imprisonment over a more dancehall styled instrumental cut, Gussie Clarke and Mr. Lindo proving once more that they are versatile in style, wicked all the while.

Top-a-top business!

African Choice

False Sentence