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Horsepower Productions - Crooks, Crime & Corruption


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Horsepower Productions return to Tempa with their 4th LP, and their first in 6 years - we're glad to welcome them back here at RwdFwd following a stellar reissue on BH and a couple of banging remixes to keep our appetites whetted.

Crooks, Crime & Corruption sees Horsepower widen their sonic palette to include bits of House, Techno, Hip-hop and jungle while still keeping a foot firmly grounded in their dark 2-step and dubstep roots.

Opener Legends brings the swagger, a dark, rolling hip-hop number sounding straight from the basements of East-Coast U.S.A, while GBU (Feat. Orson) is one of the several house-indebted tracks on the LP, full of space and bass-heavy but with a straighter MPC-masher groove than their garage mutations.

Back 2 NY and Kuriosity both continue with the sample-hunter house vibe, full of spoken word and snippets of hip-hop vocals all the while maintaining that sub-low emphasis we come to expect from the Tempa camp.

It's not until track 8 we get the first direct reference back to the Horsepower of old, with half-time stepper Change - clocking it at a mammoth 8 minutes and 14 second, it flows effortlessly through gorgeous melodies and pummelling subs for that old-skool DMZ feel - real throwback business.

Special mention has to be made to the sleeve, whose eye-catching design and construction will leave you contemplating whether to spoil it with an opening - trust us though, you won't regret it.

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  1. Legends

2. GBU (feat. Orson)

3. Justify (feat. Harry Keyworth)

4. Back 2 NY

5. Kuriosity

6. Boardwalk Emperor

7. Change

8. Ruf Justice

9. Good Old Days

10. Criminally Insane

GBU (feat. Orson)

Justify (feat. Harry Keyworth)

Back 2 NY