• Human Inferno - to piss warm and drink cold

Human Inferno - to piss warm and drink cold

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Fffuckin hell! This one is a bruiser! Come turn it up and get your brain damaged positively.

"Norwegian party boys Human Inferno is like a collision between the rougher parts of drug infected British ragga, 80s industrial harshness, out there synth and their very own sound sickness. HUMAN INFERNO does not sound like much in this world. And maybe we are not worthy. Whatever. Just get your fix here, ok.

DG was in Anal Babes and Astroburger and plays with No balls. The other dudes are true underground men but TFW can be experienced while dj'ing jungle and other hot things at bars in Oslo. Bless them."

>> murderous, raw and unadulterated fun. Buy on sight if you ain't squeamish


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