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Hyperdub - Decadubs 4


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Heavyweight Hyperdub hitters on an ambient tip - For the fourth instalment of the Decadubs series some of this years most interesting artists throw off the dance floor shackles and really explore the more ambient side of their sound, this 11 track plate is more than a little bit special.

Opening with the loopy film score-esque ‘Pink Sham Down The Drain; from bossman Kode 9 onto some killer jazz re-interpretations from man of the moment Dean Blunt on the presumably ironically titled ‘Urban’ (this is a standout for us) through to the pre album crooning of Cooly G, exploring some more love song lyrics. Lee Gamble finishes off the A side with DSM, his signature blend of dark metallic ambience works so, so well in this context, a fantastic piece in his almost flawless catalogue.

Flip it over for a choice cut from Fatima Al Qadiri, a warm and lovely pitch bent trip from Ikonika closing things off is ‘Gage’ from Jeremy Greenspoon & Borys, some haunting - radiophonic experimentation.

If you want to hear the flip side to some of the most interesting artists on one of the most interesting labels right now then this is for you, we can see a few evenings getting lost to this one.

A1. Kode9 - Pink Sham Pain Down The Drain   A2. The Bug – Siren   A3. Dean Blunt – Urban   A4. Cooly G  - Mind   A5. Inga Copeland - I Am Your Ambient Wife   A6. Lee Gamble – DSM   B1. Fatima Al Qadiri – Shanxi   B2. Ikonika - Time-Speed   B3. DJ Earl - Hexgonic Sound   B4. DVA - Reach The Devil   B5. Jeremy Greenspan & Borys – Gage


Kode 9 - Pink Sham Down The Drain

Dean Blunt - Urban

Lee Gamble - DSM

Jeremy Greenspoon & Borys - Gage