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I-iii - Dolce / Bun So Nude

Livity Sound

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The mysterious I-iii serves up their first outing on the ever-brilliant Livity Sound.

Dolce fakes us out with a brutalist, percussive opening - nothing more than a tuff kick drum, a hi-hat and what sounds like another hi-hat run through a weird, short delay that gives it a hollow resonant quality. Suddenly a detroit-indebted chord sequence bursts through the hard-edged percussion, softening the instrumentals edge with a subtly uplifting quality that wouldn't sound out of place (given a bit of a lo-fi rough up) on an old Derrick May record.

Alongside it is Bun So Nude, a rhythm so classically Livity that it really couldn't have come out on any other label. An afro-influenced rhythm section paired with well-placed reverse-edits and endlessly ringing dub sirens make for a tough-as-nails, no-nonsense club track that'll fit brilliantly in pretty much any set.

The production accomplishment in these tunes is so brilliant we either have a forthcoming virtuoso on our hands or this is some kind of alias.... we'll have to wait and see.



Bun So Nude