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I Jahbar & Friends - Inna Duppy SKRS Soundclash

Bokeh Versions

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Yooooooooooooo - Bokeh Versions link up with Duppy Gun kru - AND! - SeekersInternational for this finest of oddball dancehall mixtape excursions. I Jahbar & Friends on the microphone!

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"Chopdawg my my, this is I Jahbar aka Chopdawg’s debut longplayer - long time coming, I Jah has been a staple Duppy Gun deejay since the very first DG session, snuck in between tracking vocals for The Congos Icon Give Thank. A nephew of Congo Ashanti Roy, his plentiful swagger & energy was the spark that lit the Duppy chalice & his acrobatic performance on the twisted Spy Riddim was the verse that launched a thousand bullets & convinced Bigflite & Velkro to start the label. Since building his Spanish Town studio in 2017 he has acted as the de facto JA head of DG operations, engineering sessions and contributing a steady stream of new tunes as highlighted by his many appearances on 2018’s Miro Tape. This latest drop of tracks has been honed at Chopdawg Sundays - Portmore’s #1 dancehall cookout (available live on Instagram) - with I Jahbar’s Roolingsmuzik stable of vocalists: RDL, Gaza Sudden / G Sudden and Buddy Don who all turn up here for guest chatter and mic duties.

Splitting the buttons are Duppy Gun’s Velkro & Bigflite clashing with Bokeh’s own beating no-genre lifeblood Seekersinternational / SKRSINTL / SKRS inna unholy dancehall communion that swings from dutty Pulse X basslines to midi jazz licks and squashed west coast 4000 G funk lowriders like the mad dog dancehall that came before the autotune rush. Shadowy filipino-maple leaf collective SKRS come fresh from demystifying glocks and lovers rock GRM style across releases for Berceuse Heroique, Diskotopia, Bokeh and NoCorner - carving legacies in dub that may only be fully appreciated after it’s all over. Founded by Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras, Duppy Gun pairs under-cover West Coast producers with Jamaican vocalists like G Sudden, Early One & others from their island HQ Spanish Town. Re-configuring dancehall DNA for 8 years now, Duppy has been a huge inspiration since Dayone’s conquering ‘Multiply’ landed in 2011. This is their third release thru Bokeh Versions after Miro Tape and Vybz Kartel protege Sikka Rymes’ conquering Love Di People EP earlier in 2019.

In This Time Of Many Dancehall Think-pieces: Live Long And Grow Strong. "

>> C45 Mixtape biz, SKRS international vs Duppy Gun on productions, I Jahbar bringing the frreshness on vox - served up nice and proper, duppy gun stylee.

1. I Jahbar - DemNoBad (SKRS Prod.) 03:24
2. I Jahbar - Turn Up (Duppy Gun Prod.) 05:13
3. RDL - RichMiProud (SKRS Prod.) 02:55
4. I Jahbar - Weed Patrol (Duppy Gun Prod.) 04:28
5. G Sudden - BunOut (SKRS Prod.) 03:09
6. I Jahbar - Ipy Ipy (Duppy Gun Prod.) 05:54
7. I Jahbar - IndependentGal (SKRS Prod.) 03:23
8. I Jahbar - Sniper Rifle (Duppy Gun Prod.) 06:11
9. Buddy Don - DuppyKilla (SKRS Prod.) 04:46
10. I Jahbar - Weed Patrol Remix (Blazer Sound Prod.) 03:37



Weed Patrol