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Ibrahim Alfa - Hidden by the Leaves LP


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Ibrahim Alfa returns after a lengthy hiatus for his first full release since 2003 - and what a cracker it is.

Hidden by the Leaves has found its way onto Workshop around 2 decades after its original intended release, and sees Alfa combining influences from electro, ambient and techno but from a unique and hugely satisfying perspective - it's hard for a 20 year old set of tunes still sound so fresh and intriguing but thats what we have here; 8 brief and playful tracks neatly fitting on two sides of wax.

Some cases in point:
Drifting brings out the retro-futurist electro vive, a noisy banger with a sick rhythmic hook and swing, while some classic organ-synth work gives some variation to the 2nd half.

We Can Never Go Home brings the vintage flanger out, a golden-era hip-hop referencing boom-bap riddim gets the light of day and its all topped off with atmospheres and pads to ramp up the mysticism.

Best of the lot is Clip My Wings - a gorgeous, shimmering synth line marries itself to the shuffling hats and snare, all filled out with an insistent low end. A truly original take on house and techno, there's really not much to be said about this tune, its just so, so good. Be sure to check the clip below!

Workshop continues their killer run with another inspired 12" - truly brilliant business.


We Can Never Go Home...

Clip My Wings