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Iglew - Urban Myth EP


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Gobstopper dip their toes into the world of vinyl with their first physical release - Four tracks of forward thinking Grime from up and comer Iglew

For a genre known for its sparsity of sound this stands at the limits, the Urban Myth EP is about as stripped back as you can get but it never feels empty. Gliding Eski squares play call and response with a half time metronomic kick and bass on opener "Sleep Lighter" whilst title track "Urban Myth" consists wholly of a sub bass and an almost Baroque synth flute line, it's easy to see how this could descend into pastiche very quickly but it's done in such a confident and emotive way that there is no worry of that here!

Iglew has managed to channel the clinical production of SOPHIE, the emotive arpeggios and melodies of Zomby, the frenetic and zany riffs of a Murlo track and housed it in the aesthetic realm that Mumdance and Logos are currently inhabiting, all whilst putting his own twist on things.

This EP gives more credence to the adage "It's not about what you put in but what you leave out that counts"

Classy gear!

*Full colour picture sleeve with photography by Rachel Adams*


01 Sleep Lighter
02 Urban Myth
03 Regalia
04 Cymatism