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IGM - Last Momenta


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"French percussive dub house feat. a tripped out Jean-Marc Foussat Remix"

The clue's very much on the cover here; two brilliant dubby rollers packed with detail and character by relative newcomer IGM, packed with an amazing Rework on the flip.

There's been a lot of sh*t music coming out over the last couple of years under the tech-house/deep house banner, but this release shows there's still life in the elements when put in the hands of someone with the technical deftness to pull off the subtlety required to keep the parts rolling nicely.

Real good stuff, and hats off for that Remix... This piece alone is worth the entry price - Algerian born musician who's first outing was in the early 80's an has resurfaced in recent years, Jean-Marc Foussat, also part of Département d'Éducation Psychique, with Dynamo Dreesen & Sven Rieger, has excelled him selved with this extended rework of the original. Tripped out really is the phrase.


002L (Jean Marc Foussat & G Max

Last Moments