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Ikonika - Position EP


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Diverse EP from the one and only Ikonika, her sound has really come into it’s own recently and ‘Position’ reflects that. 4 cuts of beats and bass for open minded dance floors are on offer here. The title track ‘Position’ thumps around an effected vocal and is backed by some shimmering raps and dusty hats. ‘Praxis’ is the real standout here, towering crystalline synths set a melancholy mood, a hyper-real trip through a glassy sonic metropolis, this couldn’t be any better.

‘Strawberry Underlay’ opens the B side, a choppy and jovial affair, closing with the melting pot of ideas that is ‘Wakeup sequence’, listen out for the killer axe shredding.

Seriously though, do yourself a favour and have another listen to Praxis, it’s a winner.




Wakeup Sequence