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Ill Evans - Splints


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In unusually rapid fashion Tape Echo have minted the follow up to Stryda's Cream of Bristol Roots Pirates in their mix series, this one's coming through from London DIY champ Ill Evans. As a Don't Be Afraid resident selector and owner of beyond-choice record & zine store + radio station, Kindred, he's been doing things for independent sounds in London not unlike our wee pals at Noods did - starting from the bottom and working it UP through pure hard graft.

We've only been able to watch, listen and wonder at Kindred from afar, but their much drooled over parties predating this latest evolution also hosted Tape Echo junglist wirehead DJ Persuasion - so we know Ill Evans to be a man of taste and style.

ANYWAY enough water cooler talk - the tape's a woozy melting pot of sci-fi club swerves with a mix-perfect ooze - a calling card from a truly class DJ with chops with blends that would make Anina blush.The swayed grime inductions and percussive hard drum battlecries on side A give way to surgically cut-up sample chatter, hushed pianos and dubtech rollers on Side B and woops you've flipped the tape a third time and a fourth time - everything flowing into one ferric mush in your brain.

No digi and no tracklist, a mixtape in the grandest underhand tradition. Insert and shutter those eyes for those hallucinatory pre-lockdown club vibes.

Dressed, as always, in a hella goodlooking sleeve and metallic shells with those Tape Echo designs you know and love.

Edition of 50
Onbody Print on foil lined shell
Risograph printed J-card on recycled paper stock