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Impact All Stars - Java Java Java Java

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When it comes to roots music - look no further.

Impact All Stars deliver the goods.

This LP features, 10 brilliant cuts of some of the most inspirational rhythms in dub music.

From 'Guiding dub' an Impact All Stars re-lick of the rhythm most commonly known for Horace Andy's Studio One 'Guiding Star' hit and King Tubby's 'Invasion Dub' - this LP is packed with brilliantly executed dub.
We must give a special mention to 'Ordinary Version Dub' which features possibly one of the greatest spoken vocal parts in any dub track:

'Right now, I gon' show you how fi operate... watch the bass now...." -

Each track on this disc is entitled to it's grooves, no question about it.

Featured on the LP - the ever-reliable musicianship of names such as Clive Chinn, Errol Thompson, Tommy McCook, Augustus Pablo and many more... Impact All Stars in full effect.

Recorded at Randy's Recording Studio, Kingston.
Re-mastered to full glory by Paul Shields, New York.

Java Dub

Meet Me Dub

Cheater Dub

Ordinary Version Dub