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Imugem Orihasam - Must Understand Before Contradict

Bedouin Records

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Mutant, fizzing techno for the dancehall -

Issued via the vinyl-only operation - according to them - based in the desert, Bedouin Records do an impeccable job here, BDN002 delivers three cuts of fierce, razor-sharp sonics by Imugem Orihasam from North Japan, backed with an on-point Eomac remix.

Two original tracks on the topside, Imugem displays his command over chipped and abused synthlines, forming a unique concoxion of dancefloor experimentalism.

Another treat awaits on the other side of the disc, the secret weapon - a tough, rugged remix by Eomac, edging forward with a dancehall-bogle in dystopian style, conjuring images of William Gibson-esque visions of a grim future dancehall.

Bold sonics, served in a fantastic sleeve, pressed to a high-standard- one for the heads!

Limited edition of 300, vinyl-only.
Printed kraftliner sleeve.
180gm heavyweight 12".

Must Understand Before Contradict

It Ain't Assertion When Only They Have Scope To Make It

It Ain't Assertion When Only They Have Scope To Make It (Eomac Remix)