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Insanlar - Original & Villalobos mixes

Honest Jon's

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Istanbul collective Insanlar arrive on Honest Jon’s backed up with 2 captivating Villalobos re-working, split over two plates with one side laser etched as well as an art insert.

What a gem this is! The original track by the seemingly internet elusive Insanlar get a meditational improv session down over a whole 33rpm side. The A side is 20 odd minutes of hypnotising chanting gliding around gently effected baglama playing (a traditional Turkish folk instrument, not a million miles away from a lute). This heady mix is paired with a mellow thud of a 4/4 kick drum that allows the jam to stretch out into infinity, riding out peaks and troughs of energy, FX loops and wild vocal experimentation.

If that wasn’t enough, micro house maestro Villalobos is given two sides to rework the original material, perfect choice given his dexterity working with acoustic instrumentation and delicate percussion. These two mixes don’t disappoint, remaining respectful to the original work, giving the vocal centre stage on version one and exploring a more dub wise approach to the second. Feedback loops run wild in the mix on this version, drums fall back and the baglama takes the lead - masterfully done.

This is just the kind of material that Honest Jon’s specialise in, essential to those with hungry ears and minimal fans everywhere.

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Villalobos Mix 1

Villalobos Mix 2