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Interstellar Funk - Caves Of Steel / Convextion Remix

Berceuse Heroique

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Killer, killer Detroit styled gear from Interstellar Funk on BH, complete with Convextion remix -

BH are on a bit of an unstoppable run of late, coming with one solid release after the other (counting the Ancient Monarchy output here too) -
This latest 12" on the label does not disappoint.

Serious, serious gear from Interstellar Funk, coming at'cha with some Electro-styled machine funk for the late night massive.
Deep and funky, these are tuned for the dancefloor that likes it a bit sexy and with more groove than your average techno track.
The productions are top notch too, with hollow, and sombre, yet wholly uplifting ambience filling the space between the dread that the filtered basslines, the zaps and the clattering drum funk conjure.

Each of the originals make this worth the dollar already, but let's not forget the Convextion remix... Highest of heights, badass gear.

Buy on sight (and you're looking at it right now).

interstellar Funk - Caves Of Steel

interstellar Funk - Convextion Remix

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