• Ipman - Decomposer / Ventricle

Ipman - Decomposer / Ventricle

Cold Recordings

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Coming in crisp and clear once again -

Cold Recordings step through with their third release, this time pushing the sonic underground movements of Jack Gibbons, aka Ipman -

tuning things down a notch from his previous 140bpm output and refining his sound down to a remorseless and assertive 128bpm, 'Ventricle' carries a dead certain low-end pressure, rhythmically in tune with the hardest of dancefloor-techno.

Manic, detuned pads and elasticated square waves tangle and bounce somewhere in between the kick drums and hihats, 2-step flavoured stabs and skewed repetition make up what sounds like something in between the likes of El-B, Surgeon and Loefah.
High volume business!

For the flip, things take a slightly more heads-down approach... 'Decomposer' builds on a call & response reaction between menacing frequencies, whilst the drum pattern pushes the pressure through the speakerbox at a steady pace.

Underground dance music brought to you by Pinch's new label venture, don't sleep.

Presented in a shrinkwrapped, die cut sleeve.
Designed by Studio Tape-Echo.