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Ipman - Regicide / Ghostrunner


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One of the UKs most underrated operators steps up to Tectonic for a killer single.

After a slew of releases for the likes of Cold, Artikal and more recently Tempa, Mr Jack Gibbons unleashes his best work to date for the 86th Tectonic release. Regicide on the A side is a proper banger, twisting a wicked vocal sample around an apoloclyptic break, filtered and chopped in fine style. Add to that a mighty bassline and you’re all set to tear the ar$e out of any party you deploy this in. Simple and very, VERY effective.

The flip ‘Ghostrunner’ is a real treat - darkside UK techno mutations crafted to an impeccably high standard. This is the kind of gear that reminds us just how good Ipman is and how much we enjoyed his contributions to the Cold catalog last year. Brutish kicks are layered in sharp washes of static and tumbling arpeggios are framed by an arresting juxtaposition of freewheeling triplet hats and rigid snare placement - spliced with crafty edits that would make Minus proud. Simply put, we haven’t heard anything like this for a long while and we can’t wait to hear more!