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Iration Steppas Meets Tena Stelin - DUB MIX

Iration Steppas

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Leeds' No1. Soundsystem lay down the rules with Part 2 of the 'In The Dub Arena' LP's -

Iration Steppas alongside the legendary UK vocalist, Tena Stelin - In The Dub Arena, The Dub Mixes.

This is the second disc, featuring eight dub versions of Tena Stelin's vocal cuts from the first disc...Dubbed out to full effect, over some seriously tuff Iration style... Mixed, arranged and produced by the boss Mark Iration alongside Dennis Rootical.

Play these loud, and you get a taste of what a soundystem session with Iration feels like... Always loaded with bassline pressure and lean rhythm, enough to make the whole dance shock out!

Ramp up the volume, don't play it quiet!
Additional musicianship by Bunnington Judah (Bongos), Chris Issachar-Campbell (Guitars), Ron Chrislow, Aaron & Ed Collins (Horns) Jacin (additional Melodica on U.T.W).

Served in a full colour sleeve

*with additional 'health warning' label: "You have been warned, this ablum contains 8 explicit, cantankerous, blackheart, unleashed year 3000 dubs"*

1: Jah Spririt Dub
2: Touch A Life Dub
3: Cool Down Ya Tempa Dub
4: Death Row Dub
Side B:
1:Tick Tock Dub
2:Meta Physical Dub
3: U.T.W. Dub
4: Sometimes Dub

Jah Spririt Dub / Touch A Life Dub

Cool Down Ya Tempa Dub / Death Row Dub

Tick Tock Dub / Meta Physical Dub

U.T.W. Dub / Sometimes Dub