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Iration Steppas - Original Dub Dat

Dubquake Records

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Absolute thunderstorm of a record from Iration Steppas, in Year 3000 style - ORIGINAL DUB DAT!

Originally out in 1996, and now reissued across two discs ++ killer tracks that were previously only on CD, with insert containing old Iration pics etc, via Dubquake Records >>

Celebrating 30 years in the soundsystem scene for Iration Steppas, This one has been a deadly weapon for many years now, serious legendary status material from Leeds nr.1 Soundsystem, Iration Steppas, alongside long time Iration family Dennis Rootical.

The original disc and the CD version has been rare as hen's teeth for some time now and certainly out of financial reach for those who don't have mad amounts of cash to splash. So it's a great thing that this is now repressed, and served in fine style via OBF's Dubquake operation in Geneva, who are of course good friends, and have encountered each other along the soundsystem circuit many times now over the years, and no doubt are highly inspired by the works of Iration Steppas - most probably a mutual thing too.

We're of course very happy to be able to offer this record out to you, but we must say, that we're also a bit gutted that some of these tunes are no longer dear secret weapons for some of us ; )
Just play Way Down In A Babylon, Scud Missile, Killamanjaro, Reminiscence, High Rise Vibration, or tunes like Zulu Tribe - make sure you turn the volume way up! - and tell us, straight-faced, that this is not some of the most heavy-hitting, ultra raw steppers ever made?
Pure punk in dub, loud, heavy and cantankerous. Just the way we like it.


Everyone needs a copy of this. It's good for you.

2 x 12", remastered + previously CD only tracks.
With insert including old pictures etc.

1. Lightning Dub 04:15
2. Fear Not 04:22
3. Running Away (Remix) 04:27
4. Scud Misssile (Remix) 04:14
5. Untold Melody 04:15
6. Kilimanjaro (Remix) 04:11
7. Akasha 04:02
8. Reminiscence Dub 04:24
9. Brain Damage 04:22
10. Zulu Tribe 04:19
11. Remove Ya 04:08
12. High Rise Vibration (Remix) 04:16
13. Lightning (Pieces Like Rice Grain Mix) 05:12
14. International Footstep (Remix) 04:12
15. Way Down In A Babylon (Remix) 05:17

Iration Steppas - Scud Misssile (Remix)

Iration Steppas - High Rise Vibration (Remix)

Iration Steppas - Zulu Tribe

Way Down In A Babylon (Remix)