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Iration Steppas - Reminiscence

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Pure, undiluted, utterly heavyweight a-n-t-h-em from the Iration Steppas dubplate box, originally out in 1996, hard-to-find for many years, and now finally available on a remastered 12", including previously dubplate-only unreleased extra cut, one for the heads.

Re-Released as one of five murderous 12"s from the 90's, cult classic Iration Steppas discography, this time the tune gets a new lease of life with the help of O.B.F.'s Dubquake operation, all served up on individual 12"s, remastered and sounding rufff, tufff and dangerous.

Reminiscene, with it's majestic synthline and long, sci-fi style drawn out intros, drops heavier than lead - once we get to the 2nd cut - the 'Recollection Mix' - it's pure destruction, slow motion earthquake style.
This one has been a big tip in the scene for many years now, and Iration continue to mash up the dance with these cuts to this very day - if you want to hear a real, genuine slice of soundsystem obliteration, then this is your ticket.

Here, the original cut comes served with two extra cuts, one of them 'The Tungstan Iron Mix' previously reserved for the dance, as a strictly exclusive dubplate cut played only on Iration Steppas soundsystem.

Absolute deadly gear -
Ever wondered what it might sound like if Black Ops / Jon E Cash were warped back to the 90's, or if your favourite sci-fi film was produced for an oversized soundsystem, and the cinema was a dance hall... Well...

ESSENTIAL, wether you're a dubhead or not. It's a must for good health for body & mind.


Reminiscence (Recollection Mix)

Reminiscence (Tungstan Iron Mix)