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Isabella - Whistle


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sabella Koen debuts on Peder Mannerfelt Produktion with a personalised batch of power ambient aces, five curious explorations of high-velocity techno and queered electronic atmospheres, big recommendation if yr into Sissel, Via App, Peder Mannerfelt....

Isabella plays out a killer jagged sound strung out between ostensibly opposing yet complementary poles of banging dance music and introspective tonal arrangements.

On the A-side, she spells out this paradox between the cascading chromatic arps and zinging vamps of ‘Dicey Takes Its Form’, and the starkly contrasting slug of sub-loaded, clambering 134bpm techno in ‘Penchant Disenchantment’.

For the B-side she flips the mode, kicking off with the bone-rattling 150bpm techno highlight of ‘Vain’ before slipping down the rabbit hole with the narcotic drip-off, ‘I Could Get You’, and clocking off with the groggy maze of cold, dubbed-out techno abstraction in ‘Residual’.

Dicey Takes Its Form

Penchant Disenchant


I Could Get You