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Ishan Sound 2 x 12

Peng Sound Records

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Finally, the wait is over...

Ishan Sound returns to the label where it all began, Peng Sound Records.
Spread across two discs, this release is his biggest to date, packing no less than eight of his finest cuts from the depths of Ishan's legendary dubplate-bag.

It was around two years ago that Ishan Sound launched into the soundsystem world, with the mystical 'Clash Of The Titans' 12" featuring veteran vocalist Ras Addis and Dubkasm on version duties.
He soon increased the pressure with head-turning releases on Portland's ZamZam Sounds and Bristol's very own Tectonic Recordings.

Whilst maintaining and furthering the trademark Ishan style and production, these 8 cuts cement his status as a unique, solid figure in the dubwise soundsystem scene coming out of the Bristol area, adding to the ever-strengthening core of the 'Peng Sound Family'.

Kicking things off with a fast-paced and assertive stepper entitled 'Saviour' (some of you will remember it from a promotional video of one of his live-performances) and quickly forwarding into the A2 with 'Wickedness', it is clear from the start that this is trademark production and style, Ishan Sound getting things in gear for further year of big soundsystem contributions.
Flipside, we enter the zone of Elemental Part 1 & 2, two differing interpretations of perhaps two of his most uplifting cuts at this time, with the bassline pushing serious air through those speakerboxes, a tune which did big damage on the OBF system at the recent Teachings In Dub / Peng Sound session in Bristol's Trinity Centre.The second 12” of this EP moves into heavier territory, whilst still reminding us of a certain 90's UK Dub inclination that runs through his production style, Kala and it's Dub version present a searing two-part venture into the darker, powerful side of steppers, crushingly deep bass tones and overdriven feedback make up what is perhaps the most destructive of the cuts on this disc.

The additional production by fellow Young Echo member Seb Gainsborough aka Vessel will explain certain style and fashion displayed on these cuts, it's a deadly combination –

These are pressurized soundsystem cuts, sure to send a soundboy off into the distance whilst the walls of babylon sink into a hot bed of lava.

Two more tracks await on the last part of this two-disc journey into the dubplate-bag of Ishan Sound,
First off 'Triplets Power' and it's irresistable flute and chime melody, coupled with a bassline and triplet hi-hats that would make even the stiffest of attendees jump up and skank.
This one brings to mind many a Young Echo session with the whole place going mad for wheel-ups, drinks spilling and needles skipping. This is why we call it musical upliftment.
And last, but certainly not least – we have 'Dub Sativa' which is in fact a long-forgotten one of Ishan's earliest productions... But what a way to finish the EP, this is anthem material if we ever heard it.

Ishan! Ishan!
- PengSound006 has dropped and it's ready to rumble your speakerbox.

8 tracks, two discs.
Mastered via 1/2 inch tape, by Lewis at Stardelta.
Vinyl-only, hand-stamped, numbered and stickered edition of 1000.
Packaged in a printed gatefold sleeve, designed by Studio Tape-Echo.

A1: Saviour
A2: Wickedness
B1: Elemental (Part 1)
B2: Elemental (Part 2)
C1: Kala
C2: Kala Dub
D1: Triplets Power
D2: Dub Sativa

Saviour / Wickedness

Elemental (Part 1) / Elemental (Part 2)

Kala / Kala Dub

Triplets Power / Dub Sativa