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Ishan Sound & Boofy - Roll The Dice / Cane Sword

Sector 7 Sounds

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Boofy's Sector 7 imprint yet again brings furious heat straight to wax with a ridiculously banging collab with long-time Peng Sound and Young Echo affiliate Ishan Sound.

Roll The Dice flexes on a melodic tip that'll have itself ear-wormed straight into your brain on first listen. Deft, supple drum programming and a constantly morphing arrangement keep the tune rolling tuff until the last second. On the back of it is Cane Sword, the A's even rowdier cousin. Where Roll The Dice allows its melody to run the show, Cane Sword favours smacks & punches from the rhythm & bass sections. The emphasis on the sub-line is more apparent, and pulses in the vein of a Bandulu gang track - no surprise considering Boofy's allegiances.

Hand-stamped with S7S logo one one side, and Young Boof & Ish' on the flip.

Roll The Dice

Cane Sword