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Ishan Sound - Namkha / NN Special / Kahn Version


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Ishan! Ishan! -

Young Echo's 'Ishan Sound' steps up for his third release as a solo artist, having made a firm make in soundsystem territory with his seminal 'Clash Of The Titans' alongside Ras Addis on Peng Sound Records around a year ago, and following up from his sub-heavy dancehall killers on ZamZam Sounds a few months back...

Ishan Sound comes correct once again with this record, it's a destroyer, made with big speakerboxes and capable subwoofers in mind, no less.

It's the tunes everyone's been talking about since they surfaced on heavy dubplate rotation a while ago, by those few who had their hands on it and still cut real dubplates... one of them being Tectonic label boss 'Pinch' who did just the right thing and signed the record, returning to the label's roots, with minimalist dub pressure and bass meditation at the forefront once again.

Two cuts of Namkha await on the topside, both centred around a pulsating, gut-punching bassline, vibrating square waves and warning shots of panpipe.
Namkha being the first cut and NN Special making up the second version, you can play this selector style and drop the needle for part 2 half way through, or you can mix it in and come back in with the second cut... for deeper soundsystem meditation, just as intended.
Simply tough.

As if the A side didn't do enough damage already, we have fellow Young Echo member 'Kahn' on remix duties for the flip... Injected with extra dread and further low-end pressure, it's a brilliant version, equally as exciting and hard hitting... the real reward comes when those momentous 'gongs' come into play on the second drop...

As much of a look back at the early days of dubstep as it is a fresh take on soundsystem music, in the end of the day -
you can call it what you want, it's just a killer set of tracks... no denying it.

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Served in a reversed board Tectonic house bag.
Sleeve and centre-lable design by Studio Tape-Echo.

Ishan Sound - Namkha

Ishan Sound - NN Special

Ishan Sound - Namkha (Kahn Version)