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iSkeletor - Gallows / WA

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Fresh import from PDX, Boomarm Nation presents iSkeletor!

Following up a heavy-slew of Boomarm's 7"s, 10"s and 12"s exploring the further reaches of dance music and outernational rhythm,
This 7" comes loaded with two out-there cuts from the much-talked about iSkeletor, originating from Turkey's D.I.Y.scenes and coming with full support from Gantz and co.

iSkeletor has a knack for traversing outlandish soundscapes, letting loose on low-slung rhythms and chunky sub tones in a flurry of eskewed references and samples, with an outcome that could be described as manic, heated dancefloor music, new-wave dubstep, unclasssified beats - or whatever you want to name it.

The energy levels are very high on this one, set 'WA' free on a decent rig and things might just get rowdy!

Also, be sure to check the iSkeletor tape -
Although the (mad!) B-side of this 7" does not appear on the iSkeletor cassette, it's bound to this release only -

Don't wait around til it's gone!

Comes served in a limited edition black paper sleeve with silver ink-stamp, housed in a poly bag.