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Fresh edition of tapes, imported from the Boomarm HQ!

In a box alongside the mad-as-u-like 7" from Turkish-bred 'iSkeletor' we got a handful of these cassettes, filled with extra sonics from the laboratory.

The amalgamation of estranged atmospheres, unfamiliarised sample-work and straight-up ruff-cutting beats and basslines make iSkeletor's productions somewhat individual - there's a definite stink to them, a toxic-fume and psychedelic aura that seeps through your membrane as the volume increases and the length of exposure multiplies.

It's a heady whirlwind of frequency, rhythm and fluid melody - a unique soup of addictive poison.

Why don't you stick this tape in your deck and let the magic unfold? We dare you.

Limited edition of 150 purple tapes worldwide.
Served with download code and a miniature poster-foldout, designed by Bora Baskan and M. Kosemen.
Mastered by Alter Echo.
30 mins run-time.

1:Gossamer Web 01:48
2.Deprem 03:17
3.G.I. Fuck You 02:27
4.Gallows 02:40
5.Koko 02:22
6.Yon 01:25
7.Dooor 01:11
8.Gash / Olear 01:16
9.Ates 00:52
10.Act Da Act 02:09
11.Off 01:29
12.Wot 02:50
13.Yangin 03:16

Deprem / G.I. Fuck You

Koko / Yon / Dooor

Gash / Olear / Ates

Off / Wot /