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Island Series - Abel Lima E Les Sofas (SSS007)


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Here at RwdFwd HQ, the Sofrito release are always highly anticipated, it's with pleasure that we can present the latest in the series of dancefloor classics and rarities from around the world, this time along on a neat little 7", served in a stamped reversed board sleeve.


Check the details straight from the label:
"Originally from the island of Boa Vista, Abel Lima was part of a large wave of Cape Verdean migration to Europe in the late 60s – fleeing the political turmoil that accompanied the end of Portuguese colonial rule. Settling in Paris, he recorded several albums with ‘Les Sofas’ a multinational group featuring musicians from France, Senegal, Cameroon, Angola and Guadeloupe.

Arranged by Camerounian star Eko Roosevelt Louis, Corre Riba Corre Baxo (what goes up must come down) is taken from the 1977 album ‘Cantam nos Bida‘ and combines a rock-solid bassline with a hypnotic guitar riff.

Nos Maos – arranged by Guadeloupean pianist Roland Louis – has more of a Caribbean feel, bringing elements of Cadence in to the mix. The politically-charged lyrics – half in French and half in Portuguese – deal with European complicity in economic and social problems in the developing worldCombining the Morna and Coladera styles of Cape Verde with Jazz, Cadence, disco and West African styles, Abel Lima’s output reflected the rich mixture of musical styles and cultures that was (and still is) present in Paris."

Instant upliftment, in 7" format.

Abel Lima E Les Sofas - Corre Riba Corre Baxo

Abel Lime Des Iles Du Cap Vert - Nos Maos